5 Reasons We’re the Best Texas Hill Country Cabin Rentals

When it comes to Texas Hill Country cabin rentals, we understand there are plenty of places to choose from. Since it’s such a large, beautiful area, it can be difficult deciding where in the magnificent part of the world you want to stay. At Cedar Lodge Texas, we obviously think that our neck of the woods is the place to be.

Going on a vacation should be an experience, not just another place to stay. That’s why we feel like you should experience our Texas Hill Country cabin rentals. Whether you decide to stay in the summer, when the weather’s warm and Lake Buchanan offers a picturesque oasis, or even in the winter, when the cool breeze rolls off the lake and wakes up your desire to explore. No matter what time you visit, there will be places to see and things to do.


Here’s what makes us the best Texas Hill Country cabin rentals


Lake Buchanan

texas hill country in the winterOne of the first things you’ll notice when you pull up to Cedar Lodge Texas is Lake Buchanan. It resides footsteps away from our property, so naturally, people tend to gravitate towards it. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what we hope people do!

Lake Buchanan offers numerous amounts of ways to entertain all our guests. No matter what the season is, there will always be a way to enjoy the lake.


Luckily for all guests interested in renting a pontoon or jet skis, we work directly with our local boating shop. All you have to do is tell us what you want and what time you want it and the rest we take care of. Then you’re free to roam around the lake either leisurely or flying around for those adrenaline junkies.  


From summer to winter, we guarantee that there will always be fish in the water. With that in mind, there is never a bad time to go out on a fishing trip. Similar to boat rentals, you just tell us when you’d like to go fishing and we arrange all the plans for you. All you have to do is hop on the boat and get ready to catch some trophy fish.


Bike Trails

As you drive into Cedar Lodge Texas, it’s hard not to notice the beautiful landscape surrounding encompassing our property. No matter what direction you come from, there is captivating scenery all around. One of the best ways to sightsee these geological and natural landmarks is on a bike.

Throughout the entirety of Texas Hill Country, there are countless bike riding trails to explore. Whether you meander through Inks Lake State Park, Colorado Bend State Park, or even Longhorn Cavern State Park, you’re bound to travel past eye-catching scenery. Ranging for easy, intermediate, or difficult, those really no limit to how much you can see.


Outdoor Activities

Cedar-Lodge-5Sometimes the best way to enjoy a vacation is to lounge around and kick back on the property. At Cedar Lodge Texas, one of the reasons we think we’re the best Texas Hill Country cabin rentals is because we provide so much to do without ever having to leave. Our abundance of outdoor activities separates us from other lodgings where you have to figure out plans for every day that you’re there.

With us, you can simply wake up with no worries or no idea of what you’re going to do and still have an incredible day. We offer guests a myriad of activities like basketball, volleyball, washers, and horseshoes just to name a few. We even have an awesome campfire set up for you to sit back and tell stories with family and friends.



Colorado bend state parkWith so many incredible state parks around the Hill Country area, it’s no wonder that people bring their hiking shoes whenever they visit. As it goes with exploring state parks, there are always incredible hiking trails to take advantage of. For example, when heading to Colorado Bend State Park, you have the opportunity to take a guided tour of Gorman Falls and learn all about the geological and historical facts about this state park.



Cedar Lodge winery recommendationAs many Texans know or are starting to catch wind of, Texas Hill Country is quickly becoming a must-see area for wine connoisseurs. As it now is called, the Texas wine trail consists of over 50 different wineries. All of them completely unique and all of them worth the trip. Right near Buchanan Dam, there are quite a few Hill Country wineries that are to die for.
So as you begin your search for the best Texas Hill Country cabin rentals, make sure to keep Cedar Lodge Texas in your mind. We have all you could want in a vacation and more!  

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