4 Reasons to Visit Texas Hill Country in the Winter

Texas Hill Country

texas hill country in the winterAt Cedar Lodge Texas, we feel like there is never a bad time to visit Texas Hill Country. While most people tend to come during the summer months, we feel like Texas Hill Country in the winter is just as fun. Even though the weather is colder and Lake Buchanan doesn’t beckon to swim in, there are still ways to enjoy this neck of the woods.
Those travelers looking to explore Texas Hill Country in the Winter will not be disappointed with the abundance of enjoyment. There’s a lot more to this part of the country that simply relax by the water. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’re saying that’s not incredible too. We simply want to show off the less talked about the time of the year at Cedar Lodge Texas.

Here are the top 4 reasons to Visit Texas Hill Country in the Winter

Driving along the outline of Lake Buchanan is simply beautiful in itself. Replace a car with a bicycle and you have an even more enjoyable experience. There are plenty of cycling trails littered all over the Texas Hill Country and winter time is the perfect season to ride. This ensures that you won’t cook to death under the hot Texan sun, which translates to a more comfortable ride.

Fishing on Lake Buchanan
Did we mention that Cedar Lodge Texas is only a few steps away from Lake Buchanan? Well, it is and so you should definitely take advantage of that opportunity. While swimming isn’t the most viable option in the winter, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the lake.
For starters, exploring the lake on a boat while casting lines is such a fun way to spend the day. We even work directly with our local fishing guides, setting up your day of reeling in huge catches. All you have to do is hop on the boat and enjoy Lake Buchanan from a fisherman’s perspective.

As it goes with biking, golfing is an activity best left alone during extreme heat. Golf in Texas Hill Country in the winter is one of the most underrated activities around. Since the crowds tend to die down after fall, the golf courses remain less populated during winter. This gives you a chance to hit the links without the stress of yelling “fore” more than you’d care to admit.

Outdoor Activities
A vacation to Cedar Lodge Texas wouldn’t be complete without a chance to hang out with family and friends. That’s why we give our guests plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the fresh air. This can be anything from a game of horseshoes, washers, or a friendly game of pickup basketball just to name a few.
Another outdoor activity that everyone loves is barbecuing. With providing you with the proper barbecue equipment to have yourself a traditional Texas BBQ that all your family and friends will be talking about long after you leave.

So whether it’s for a family reunion, conference, or simply a weekend getaway, Texas Hill Country in the winter is worth the trip!

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