8 Best Spring Break Activities In Texas Hill Country

spring break activities

It’s that time of the year where families and friends flock to Cedar Lodge Texas and Lake Buchanan for Spring Break. As the weather warms up and the weekdays are free of work or school, people start to plan their Hill Country adventures. For those looking to spend your time outdoors and with those you love, Cedar Lodge Texas is the perfect place to spend your time away from worries or responsibilities.

Here are the 8 best  Spring Break activities in Texas Hill Country

River Cruise

Looking for a way to see Lake Buchanan’s beauty while taking in some local knowledge? The Vanishing Texas River Cruise is the perfect place to start your adventure. This cruise is the premier ecology tour in the whole state of Texas. So those looking to view some incredible Hill Country wildlife from the comfort of a boat will find this to be a day well spent.

Pontoon Boat or Jet Ski Rides

jet ski spring break activitiesSpending time on Lake Buchanan is already fun just splashing around in the water. Add in a lightning fast jet ski and you or anyone in your family will have a hard time leaving the water. On the contrary, if you want to coast along the water with your family, enjoying lunch while cruising the water, a pontoon boat is just what you need. Both rentals are available for any guest that’s inclined to get nautical, just ask Gwen or Bryan!


golfing spring break activitiesA great Spring Break can be tied together with a solid golf outing. Some families love hitting the links together for some bonding time, and we don’t blame them! There are plenty of beautiful Texas Hill Country courses for you to choose from, so grab your clubs and get ready to get your Ben Hogan on.

Outdoor Games

outdoor games spring break activitiesAt Cedar Lodge Texas, we make it our goal that if you don’t want to leave the property, you don’t have to. We provide our guests will plenty of activities to keep busy and make sure their children are never bored. When it comes to outdoor games, we’ve got it spades. From basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more, we make sure there is an outdoor game for all to enjoy.

Swimming Pool Shenanigans

swimming pool spring break activitiesWhile we love Lake Buchanan, there are times when sitting by the pool and soaking up some rays is just a little bit. Whether the conditions are too choppy or the water’s too cold, the lake can have a mind of its own. Our swimming pool, on the other hand, is tailored to meet your water needs and keep your kids within reach.

Fishing fishing spring break activitiesOne of the great parts about being right next to the lake is all the fishing you can do. At Cedar Lodge Texas, we love when guests go on fishing adventures and show us their huge catches. For those that love to fish, Lake Buchanan is full of incredible fish and our local fishing guides make sure each fishing trip is full of good times and great memories.

Lakeside Leisure

lakeside leisure spring break activitiesWhat would Spring Break be without relaxing next to the lake? Our favorite sight is seeing kids running to Lake Buchanan and splashing around in the water. For parents, it means a chance to see down and relax or join in on the fun. Regardless of how to choose to spend your time near the lake, it’s always great knowing that you’re never far away from Cedar Lodge.


campfire spring break activitiesSitting around a blazing campfire as the sun sets is one of the best spring break activities you can have in Hill Country. Whether you’re telling old stories to your kids about when you were young or sharing sticks to roast your marshmallows for smores, there’s an indescribable joy sitting around a campfire. At Cedar Lodge Texas, we love seeing families huddled up next to each other enjoying that irreplaceable bonding time.

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