Cabin Resorts in Texas: Why Cedar Lodge is One of the Best

Image of grounds at Cedar Lodge. One of the best cabin resorts in Texas for families and reunions!

Searching for the best cabin resorts in Texas can be overwhelming. Let’s be honest; it’s a big state. The biggest, no? And being a big state means there’s no shortage of cabin resorts to choose from.

How do you decide which of the many cabin resorts in Texas will be the best fit for your vacation?

First, the best way to narrow your search is to focus on accommodations that will work for the people you are traveling with. Will your group include babies? Toddlers? Teenagers? Elderly? Pets?

Look for cabin resorts in Texas whose information about their clientele is easily found on their website, in previous guest reviews, on social media, etc. You should understand immediately what type of guests their facilities are best-suited towards.

Next, narrow your list further by focusing on your “must-haves.” How far do you want to travel? What do you want to do during your stay?

Keep reading. We’ll give you the top three things we highly recommend you consider when deciding on the best cabin resorts in Texas (especially for single families). 

1. Location

Image of our Texas lake cabin rentals at Cedar Lodge

When deciding which cabin resorts in Texas will be the best for your group. Location plays a huge factor (especially for those with younger ones).

Honestly, air travel with kids is exhausting (without considering costs and any delays, i.e., canceled flights, maintenance or technical issues, missed layovers, etc.) 

It can get overwhelming (quickly) between the security checkpoints, getting to and from terminals, bathroom breaks, baggage claims, and rental cars. 

One of the best things about Cedar Lodge is our central Texas location makes us accessible from all over the state! You don’t have to take a plane or train to get here.

Situated near the peaceful shores of Lake Buchanan, our lake resort is a true Texas Hill Country gem. (Yes, we’re only an hour and a half west of Austin!) The Hill country makes for a pleasurable and scenic road trip with plenty of fun stops along the way.

2. Activities

Image of guests during their spring break destination at Cedar Lodge

Next is the cabin resort’s activities. You’ve considered the ages of your group members. Now, you want to ensure that where you’re staying has suitable activities for every group member. 

No one, and I mean no one, wants to be bombarded with complaints while they’re trying to relax and enjoy time away from their regular routines. 

Having something to do for every age group is critical! Which is one of the things we love best about our lake resort.

We’ve got a private and shallower beachfront for the littles. Guests are welcome to bring their boats or rent from us! We offer daily kayak and canoe rentals for the teens or high-speed jet ski or pontoon boat rentals for the adults. 

In addition to boat rentals, our resort has a 50-foot fishing pier that’s a hit with older guests who prefer a more relaxing time.

Image of a Dad and his and son's fishing out on our 50-foot fishing pier. Reserved exclusively for guests of Cedar Lodge Texas!

Not only can families have fun on the water at our lake resort. They can also enjoy outdoor games (volleyball, basketball, ladder ball, and more.) And for the guests that prefer not to get sandy, there’s also a pool and air-conditioned game room.

Furthermore, we have several fire pits on our grounds for that quintessential s’more making around the campfire nights.

Cabin resorts in Texas should be the destination. We put a lot of consideration into amenities that suit guests of every age!

3. Accommodations 

Lastly, having suitable lodging is huge when traveling to cabin resorts in Texas. Especially with little kids, elderly family members, or anyone who enjoys the outdoors but needs a comfortable place to call it a night.  

Image of the interior at our cabin resorts in Texas

What makes our resort unique is our updated lake cabins. Each includes the essentials (kitchenette, shower with hot water, air conditioning, comfy beds, linens, charcoal grill, table, and dishware.) For a complete list of what we provide, click here.

Our cabin resort provides “creature comforts” that still let you feel connected to nature. An understated form of “glamping,” if you will.

Cabin resorts in Texas should be clean, cozy, and, most of all, right where you want to be. Our guests love not having to go anywhere once they’ve parked the car.

Trust us, considering these three things will assist you in your search for the best cabin resorts in Texas.

Remember, getaways are supposed to be FUN, not unpleasant. Picking an appropriate place that works for all group members will help ensure that everyone enjoys their vacation time. 

Cabins are available for the summer! Click here to make online reservations or call us at 512-793-2820.

We look forward to hosting you at the lake/
Bryan & Gwen Carpenter

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