Texas Spring Break Destinations: How to Make The Right Choice

Spring break in Texas typically occurs in March, when temperatures start to warm, and those iconic state flowers (yes, we’re talking about bluebonnets) begin to line our Texas highways.

We all know Texas is a big state. Like, big. As the adage goes, “everything is bigger in…” well, we’ll let you finish the rest. And with an abundance of great cities to visit during spring break, how do you decide where to go for your Texas spring break destination? 

You first must ask yourself, “what exactly am I looking for in a Texas spring break destination?” “What are my vacation must-haves?” 

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We’ll give you the top three things you should consider when deciding on the best option for Texas Spring Break destinations (especially for single families). 

1. Location

Image of our Texas lake cabin rentals at Cedar Lodge

When choosing a Texas spring break destination, location plays a huge factor (especially for families with younger kids). Air travel with kids is exhausting (without considering any delays, i.e., canceled flights, maintenance or technical issues, missed layovers, etc.) 

It can get overwhelming between the security checkpoints, getting to and from terminals, bathroom breaks, baggage claims, and rental cars. 

One of the best things about Cedar Lodge for a Texas spring break destination is our central location makes us accessible from all over the state! No planes or trains are required. 

Guests often tell us they feel “transported to another world” during their stay. Situated near the peaceful shores of Lake Buchanan, our lake resort is a true Texas Hill Country gem. (Yes, we’re only an hour and a half west of Austin!) Scenic road trip, anyone? 

2. Activities 

Another thing you should consider when deciding on a Texas spring break destination is the ages of your group members. Babies? Multiple toddlers? A mix of babies, toddlers, kids, and teens? All teenagers? Only adults? 

You want to ensure that where you’re going has suitable accommodations and activities for everyone in your group. No one, and I mean no one, wants to be bombarded with complaints while they’re trying to relax and enjoy time away from their regular routines. 

Having something to do for every age group is critical! Which is one of the things we love best about our lake resort. We’ve got sandy and shallower beachfront for the littles, kayak and canoe rentals for the teens, and high-speed jet ski or pontoon boat rentals for the adults. 

Guests can also enjoy outdoor games together (soccer, basketball, ladder ball, and more) or spend their nights making s’mores around one of our fire pits. 

There’s something to do (or nothing at all – yes, we’re talking to you loungers) to suit all ages. 

3. Accommodations 

Image of the kitchenette in lake cabin 33

Suitable lodging is a must when traveling to a Texas spring break destination with little kids, elderly family members, or anyone who enjoys the outdoors but needs a comfortable place to call it a night.  

What makes our resort unique is our lake cabins. Equipped with all the necessities (kitchenettes, showers with hot water, air conditioners, comfy beds, dishes, etc.) 

Clean, cozy, and most of all, right where you want to be. Walk out your cabin door and be greeted with a picturesque view and cool lake breeze. Our guests love knowing that they don’t have to go anywhere until check-out once that car is parked. 

Trust us, considering these three things will assist you in your search for the best Texas spring break destinations. 

Remember, vacations are supposed to be FUN, not unpleasant. Picking the proper place that works for all group members will only help guarantee that everyone enjoys their break time. Similarly, consider enlisting the help of bachelor schreiben lassen to manage your academic assignments while you relax. This way, your work progresses even as you unwind, ensuring no time is lost and your academic responsibilities are handled professionally.


Cabins are available! Click here to check dates, or if you’d like more information about our accommodations, click here

We look forward to your stay.
— Bryan & Gwen Carpenter

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