Image of a family reunion held at Cedar Lodge Texas

Thinking about planning a family reunion, but have no idea where to start? Luckily, at Cedar Lodge Texas, we’re no stranger to these types of events and we know what it takes to plan a reunion the whole family will enjoy.

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country along the beautiful Lake Buchanan, Cedar Lodge Texas has become a popular destination for all types of reunions. With 13 hand-built Texas lake cabins, there’s plenty of room for the entire family. Each of our log cabins varies in size and can fit between 4 and 14 people. Plus, every cabin includes a kitchenette, private bathrooms, and a screened porch or covered outdoor picnic area. It’s no wonder Cedar Lodge Texas is a popular choice among guests planning a family reunion.

If you’re thinking about organizing your own family reunion, read on for our Top 5 Tips for planning a successful family reunion in the Texas Hill Country.

1. Choose a Venue for All Generations

Image of a family reunion at our Lake Buchanan cabins in the Texas Hill Country

When choosing a venue for your family reunion, it’s a good idea to consider everyone’s needs. In other words, you should be looking for a venue that has activities for all age groups, young and old. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before booking a venue for your family reunion:

  • Is the venue good for children, including babies and toddlers?
  • Are there activities to keep children busy and having fun?
  • What about those teens and young adults? Are there activities to keep them entertained as well?
  • And what about your seniors? Is the venue accessible for elderly family members?
  • Is there an air-conditioned space where they can sit and enjoy everyone’s company?

Take a look at each of the age groups that are attending and consider what venue amenities would make them more comfortable and ensure they have a great time.

Aside from amenities, you’ll also want to consider the location. It’s best to select a venue that is close to everyone, but especially elderly family members and families with young children. It can be difficult for young families and the elderly to travel far distances so try to keep the venue in close proximity to where they live. That way, you’ll ensure the highest turn out for your reunion.

2. Book Your Venue Early

Image of Meeting Hall interior at Cedar Lodge. Best Hill Country Resort and best venue for work retreats in Texas. We have Texas cabin rentals and large gathering halls for family reunions in Texas.

After you’ve found the best reunion venue for your family, it’s time to lock in your date. Because reunion reservations are often for large parties, it’s essential to book your venue far in advance. We highly recommend booking your site at least one year ahead of time. By booking early, you’ll make sure you get the venue and date of your choice.

Luckily, we’ve found that many reunion venues will accept reservations up to a year ahead of time. Most of our reunions at Cedar Lodge Texas are booked during the summer months for the following summer. By booking early, you can easily avoid any frustration or disappointment. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll have an easier time finding a date that works for everyone since most people won’t have plans scheduled that far in advance.

Check back soon for our next tips that will make planning a family reunion an easy success!

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