Why Cedar Lodge Is The Best Place For A Family Reunion

family reunion

Cedar Lodge Texas was created with a vision in mind: entertain large groups of people in a variety of ways. We decided that with such an ideal location in the heart of Texas Hill Country, we needed to create a space where families could get together and catch up. After all the hard work and revamping we’ve done the last few years, we finally feel like Cedar Lodge has become the best place for a family reunion.

Here’s why you’ll love family time with us

Outdoor Activities

outdoor activitiesFrom a competitive father-son pick-up game to a family-wide volleyball tournament, we have over 16 activities for you to enjoy on the property. Not every activity involves breaking a sweat. You can toss some horseshoes and washers while catching up with relatives you haven’t seen in awhile. Our property was made with entertainment in mind, so make sure you take advantage of as much as you can.


While it may not technically be a physical activity, cooking and eating BBQ food can be quite an enjoy way to spend time with family. Nothing brings people together quite like Texas BBQ. At Cedar Lodge Texas, you have the ability to cook your own special recipe.

Lake Activities

lake activitiesA family reunion at Cedar Lodge wouldn’t be complete without quality bonding on Lake Buchanan. One of Texas Hill Country’s most beautiful lakes, this pristine body of water is the ideal place to spend hot summer days. With activities like jet-skiing, boating, and fishing tours, family time has never been more fun.

Nearby Hiking

If your family reunion consists of outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve got you covered. With some of the best Texas state parks just a short drive away, you’ll be able to trek some incredible trails that offer picture-perfect views along the way.nearby hiking Inks Lake State Park is such a short distance away that you barely even have to drive. With incredible views of Hill Country’s spectacular geological formations, your hike will feel more like a stroll.
Another great nature-lovers spot is Colorado Bend State Park. This natural beauty is on the opposite side of Lake Buchanan but transports you to a completely different world. With breathtaking waterfalls that lead into irresistible swimming holes, you’ll practically be running along these hiking trails to see what’s at the next turn.

Play a Round of Golf

In regards to family fun tournaments, golfing ranks near the top of the list. There are a few incredible golf courses around Cedar Lodge that would make for a great daytime activity. If hitting the links runs in the family, then there’s no better place to enjoy a round with Hill Country views all around you.

Take a Winery Tour

Cedar Lodge winery recommendationSurprising to some, Texas Hill Country ranks third in the country for largest wine production. What’s even more impressive is that there continue to be new wineries popping up every year. Each with their own flavor and spin on what tastes good and how to interpret what good wine means to them. Just a few miles away there are some spectacular wineries with award-winning reds and white just waiting to be sampled!

So no matter what you do on or near Cedar Lodge Texas, your family reunion is sure to be a blast!


  1. Marcela Guion

    We are looking for a place to have a family reunion next June. Please send me info how many you can accommodate. Thank you.
    Marcela Guion
    2146 Amberstone
    Fredericksburg Texas 78624

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