Cedar Lodge Sight: Fall Creek Vineyards

Cedar Lodge sightIf you’re looking to spend your time outside of Cedar Lodge, we’ve got you covered. While we love when people spend time on our property, we understand there’s plenty to see in this beautiful area. This week, our Cedar Lodge sight is Fall Creek Vineyards.

Located on the north side of Lake Buchanan, this vineyard is a quick 20 minute drive away. Fall Creek Vineyards was founded by Ed Auler and his wife Susan in 1975. They realized that because of the warm Texas sun and the cool breeze coming off Lake Buchanan, this was the perfect microclimate for growing wine grapes.

Not only did the realization come from seeing the area, but also from their trip to France in 1973. As they roamed around the vineyards, Ed started to pick up on the similarities between the terrain and climates.

This Cedar Lodge sight is quite the treat for wine connoisseurs, as they produce a wide variety of wines. The list includes:


-Chenin Blanc

-Sauvignon Blanc

-Cabernet Sauvignon




-Johannisberg Riesling





However, through this long list, their main focus for the past 10 years has been the Meritus. This exquisite red wine has been regarded as ‘the best wine made in the state of Texas’ by wine critics. This is no small feat considering the booming wine industry in Texas and how fierce the competition is getting.

We consider this Cedar Lodge sight a fan favorite because of all the hard work and dedication they put into their vineyard. Not to mention, the setting of this winery is incredible. Aptly named, Fall Creek Vineyard rests along Fall Creek, which flows their property. If you have the time, make sure you follow the path along the creek to the spectacular waterfalls.

For a wine tasting experience that goes above and beyond, we hope you check out Fall Creek Vineyards!

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