Hill Country Winery Recommendation: Torr Na Lochs

Hill Country winery

Hill Country wineryNot all wine is created equal, and at Torr Na Lochs Vineyard & Winery, they create wine that separates them from the pack. Only a quick 10-minute drive away from Cedar Lodge Texas, this Hill Country wine producer is quickly making a name for themselves. Founded by Blake & Karen DeBerry, their goal of giving wine lovers something to appreciate started back in 2014.

However, their vision of opening up a winery had roots that dated back to their exploration of the Australian wine country. After noticing striking similarities in the landscape and climate, it was decided that a vineyard could be established on their own ranch. Weekends of preparation for their vineyard finally began to pay off, as they planted their first vines in April of 2014. Next came the tasting room in September of 2015, and at that point the secret was out.

Speaking of preparation, that process is usually a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about dealing with solid granite. The DeBerry’s had the arduous process of removing this rock to give way to more favorable soil. Thus, their tag line “from rocks to wine” has a very literal meaning to it.

That’s not the only literal part of their vineyard they decided to go with. Even their name “Torr Na Lochs”, albeit Gaelic, translates to “hill over lakes.” Another added bonus to this already incredible winery is that hill on which they reside. It gives guests a chance to gaze out over the surrounding Hill Country and soak in all that Texas beauty.

While guests soak in that beauty, they also tend to soak up some Texan wine. This is another truly special aspect to Torr Na Lochs; all of their wine is made using strictly Texas grown fruit. To us at Cedar Lodge Texas, that adds a little something special to a Hill Country experience.

When you’re visiting, you get the chance to taste Syrah, Malbec, and Petite Sirah. All of them rich in flavor and uniquely tasty. So while you staying with us at Cedar Lodge Texas, be sure to wet your wine palate at Torr Na Lochs for greats views and great wine made by even better people.

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