How to Buy Worldcoin 2023 : A Step-by-Step Guide

how to buy worldcoin

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The company hopes to achieve this by creating unique digital identities based on iris scans linked to a blockchain hash, alongside its ERC-20 utility token known as WLD. Once users create a World ID and download the World App, they get access to the WLD cryptocurrency token. The app functions as a crypto wallet, but its primary purpose is to store user credentials so that users can verify themselves on any third-party application.

  1. Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, OKX, and Upbit are the top 5 crypto exchanges ranked by trading volume as per CoinMarketCap.
  2. Ledger offers a range of products, including the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X, which features Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. MoonXBT is based in the Cayman Islands and has offices throughout East Asia and…
  4. Worldcoin aims to solve this issue by making World ID a global standard for proof of personhood.
  5. The codes are saved on a decentralized blockchain, and the company claims they cannot be duplicated or spoofed to create false identities or engage in fraud.
  6. Cryptocurrency regulation is a rapidly changing field, and it is possible that stricter regulations could affect Worldcoin’s adoption.

The decryption key is only accessible within the secure environment and is destroyed after the completion of the enrollment process. This means that the biometric template and hash cannot be retrieved from the Orb after enrollment. Worldcoin uses secure, privacy-preserving protocols to prevent unauthorized access to personal data. The system has been designed to only store the minimal required information, to be maximally privacy-preserving and to require no centralized database of sensitive information. The cryptocurrency markets have been in a bear market for the better part of two years, with few projects making as much noise as Worldcoin. Most altcoins are down over 80% from their peaks, while Bitcoin and Ethereum are still down over 50%.

This idea focuses on establishing an individual’s uniqueness and humanness, enabling them to assert their distinct personhood without revealing their real-world identity. In today’s digital world, proof of personhood remains an unsolved problem on a global scale, significantly impacting large-scale value distribution and online voting processes. Worldcoin aims to solve this issue by making World ID a global standard for proof of personhood. The heart of the platform is World ID, which the company claims will enable users to “verify their humanness” online while maintaining their privacy.

How Does Worldcoin Work?

Let’s now discuss the security measures you should consider after buying Worldcoin to ensure the safety of your investments. If you’re planning to handle larger amounts of crypto, investing in cold storage can be a wise decision. Two of the most popular cold storage options are the Ledger Nano and the Trezor. These developments collectively represent Worldcoin’s commitment to enhancing user experience, expanding its technological ecosystem, and increasing its presence in the global crypto market. This system allows World ID to implement a high-assurance PoP mechanism that meets the principles of inclusivity, fraud resistance, personbound, decentralization, and privacy.

The first important step to consider before buying any cryptocurrency is to choose a reputed crypto exchange platform. When it comes to the Worldcoin token, several popular crypto exchange platforms support buying and selling of WLD tokens. The list of exchanges that you can choose for WLD purchase include Binance, OKX, Bybit, KuCoin, among others. In Europe, acquiring Worldcoin (WLD) tokens is a seamless process, with numerous reputable cryptocurrency exchange platforms available to cater to your needs. Among the top choices, we recommend Bybit, MEXC, or due to their outstanding performance in key areas such as functionality, reputation, security, customer support, and competitive fees.

The Worldcoin Orbs serve the purpose of collecting biometric data required for creating digital IDs. The decision to invest in Worldcoin should be based on a careful analysis of the project’s potential and risks as well as your own personal financial situation and investment goals. Some people might prefer to invest in Worldcoin early and long-term as they believe in the long-term vision and technology of the project. Others may prefer to speculate on short-term price movements or wait until the project reaches further development milestones. The unique approach to protecting the privacy of users by creating a global-inclusive identity for humanity is what makes the Worldcoin project stand out from the rest of the projects. The Worldcoin token (WLD) is the native utility token that assists the project in realizing its vision.

Step 1: Open an Online Account

Before you start buying, it’s crucial to gather knowledge about Worldcoin. The total supply of WLD is set at 10 billion, with 143 million in circulation as of the official launch. The only data that leaves the Orb is the World ID and the Biometric Data Record (BDR). The BDR is a small subset of the biometric template, chosen in such a way that it contains enough information to prevent duplicates, but not enough to identify an individual or generate the World ID. After years of anticipation, CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman recently announced that Worldcoin is publicly available. On the opening day of trading, the token’s fully diluted market cap surpassed $25 billion, reaching similar levels to Altman’s OpenAI.

how to buy worldcoin

By considering all of these aspects, you’ll be better equipped to select the perfect cryptocurrency wallet for your Worldcoin (WLD) tokens. Once in your crypto wallet, you can connect to Uniswap and trade ETH for WLD tokens. The Worldcoin project, founded by OpenAI’s Sam Altman, shows promising progress in integrating AI and cryptocurrency. It represents a notable step towards exploring the potential synergy between the two technologies. Finally, in an October 2021 early funding round, Worldcoin received an investment by Sam Bankman-Fried, the notorious founder of failed crypto exchange FTX.

However, this is based on a number of preliminary assumptions and forecasts and there is always a risk that the project will develop differently than expected. Cryptocurrency regulation is a rapidly changing field, and it is possible that stricter regulations could affect Worldcoin’s adoption. Additionally, the cryptocurrency industry as a whole is very volatile, and it is difficult to predict how the market will perform through 2024.

Furthermore, it opens up avenues for global democratic governance mechanisms on the internet, enabling everyone to participate in AI governance. That’s right, users can’t get a World ID without first scanning their retinas. In the meantime, you can download the World App and reserve your share of tokens ahead of your scan. Worldcoin has built its digital passport system using the cryptographic and blockchain tools that support the wider world of cryptocurrency. But now you need to find where to buy Worldcoin, and that’s where cryptocurrency exchanges come into play. These platforms have established a strong presence not only in Europe but also globally, offering an extensive range of cryptocurrencies, including Worldcoin (WLD).

Why invest in Worldcoin?

The price of a Worldcoin can change constantly and depends on many factors, including overall demand, Worldcoin market capitalization, and general market conditions. It is therefore best to check the current price on a cryptocurrency exchange. At the time of writing (September 2023), the price of 1 Worldcoin is approximately $2. Bybit is the next best crypto exchange platform to buy Worldcoin tokens after Binance.

Search for Worldcoin or its ticker, WLD, and select the trading pair you’d like to trade on. Typically, this will be either BTC or stablecoins, meaning you’ll need to hold one of these assets in your account to purchase WLD. While using a wallet is only required if you plan on buying Worldcoin via a DEX, it’s recommended that you use a hardware wallet to store your crypto assets. Unlike holding your tokens on an exchange, using a cryptocurrency wallet allows you to hold custody over your funds, and it reduces the risk of your funds being stolen. The ERC-20 token, WLD, launched on July 24, 2023, saw a significant surge in value after being listed on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance.

Best cryptocurrency wallet for Worldcoin (WLD)

Worldcoin has also been criticized for widely promoting the platform in the developing world. A significant portion of new users are in Asia and Africa, raising concerns about exploitation. Besides your World ID, the app can hold Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC, and the company says more cryptos will be supported in the future. After signing up more than 2 million users in the beta testing stage, the company claims that 16 million users have registered with Worldcoin.

Signing up for these trading platforms requires KYC verification, meaning you’ll need to verify your identity (without scanning your retina) before you can begin trading. After three years in development, digital ID platform Worldcoin officially launched on July 24, 2023. Co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Worldcoin aims to provide its users with a verified digital identity, plus a cryptocurrency token—helpfully named Worldcoin (WLD)—and a crypto wallet app. To begin the process of buying Worldcoin, the first thing you’ll need is an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. We’ll walk you through the steps of setting up an account on Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there. However, Worldcoin tokens are not supported by Coinbase crypto exchange platform.

How to Buy Worldcoin (WLD) in 4 Simple Steps

MEXC has established a strong presence in the US and across the globe, offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Worldcoin (WLD). This innovative combination of digital identity, financial network, and digital currency forms the core of what Worldcoin (WLD) is. It’s one of the longest-lasting wallet manufacturers, selling millions of units since its inception in 2014. Ledger hardware wallets support thousands of tokens, so you won’t need to have separate wallets for different types of digital assets. Established in 2013, has grown into a reputable trading platform. While it is not the most popular exchange, it provides users with an easy-to-use interface for beginners while maintaining robust and advanced charts for various skill levels – including technical traders.

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