What Makes Cedar Lodge Special

Cedar Lodge is a place that large groups of friends and family can enjoy. It’s also a place where you can bring your employees to for a weekend as a way to say thanks and unwind after some hard work. No matter what the occasion or who you come with Cedar Lodge is a special place for a variety of reasons. For those unfamiliar with our Lake Buchanan wonderland, we’ve decided to write down a few reasons we love this little spot in Texas Hill Country.

Here are some reasons Cedar Lodge is Special

Cabin Comfort

Aptly named, our cedar log cabins were built for nostalgic enjoyment. Each one has an old school rustic feel to make you feel like you’re truly transported to a different area of the world. Hand built with quality in mind, we assure you each cabin has been deftly crafted to create a sense of warm welcome. While simplicity was the motto for these distinct cabins, we didn’t want our guests to heat or freeze inside. We still included heating, AC, and other modern amenities so that your experience isn’t entirely rustic.

Outdoor Escapades

Did we mention that Cedar Lodge is located in the heart of Texas Hill Country? If we did, it’s worth re-stating. Texas Hill Country, in our biased point of view, is the most beautiful part in all of Texas. With beautiful rolling green hills, unique hues of rock outcrops, and incredible wildlife and floral delights, this part of the country is second to none.

We encourage everyone who has not been to this area of the United States before to come visit during the bluebonnet season. This is a time that cannot be matched for it’s color landscape and floral beauty. Even if that isn’t your cup of tea, being outside at Cedar Lodge is never boring.

We offer our guests a wide array of outdoor activities like: a swimming pool, basketball, horseshoes, washers, and so much more!

Lake Life

Not only is Cedar Lodge located in Texas Hill Country, it’s also situated steps away from pristine Lake Buchanan. Lake life in the Texas summer heat is a necessity. As the temperature begins to rise, so do people’s ambition to cool off in the lake. Not only do we provide you with direct access to take a dip in the cooling water, we also provide you with plenty of boating and fishing options as well.

We work directly with local companies and set everything up for you so that all you have to do is show up and get ready to enjoy. Whether it’s jet skiing, pontoon boating, or fishing, we’ll almost guaranteed to have a lake activity you want to enjoy.

So for these reasons and so much more, head over to Cedar Lodge and find out for yourself what makes this place so special!

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