Renovations at Cedar Lodge Texas!

[full_width] Hello, friends!

First things first, let me start by saying I’m so excited to share this latest blog entry with you! Seems like so much has happened here at Cedar Lodge Texas, and while we haven’t quite reached the end of our journey…we wanted to share some information and pictures of the renovations that have been underway here. If you visited us pre-remodel, I strongly encourage you to come back and stay with us again. We have done some truly amazing upgrades to all the cabins on our property!  [/full_width]

 [full_width] Just take a look at the interior renovations we did to Reunion Cabin 42: [/full_width]


Renovation Before Pic Cabin 42



Renovation After Pic Cabin 42
We really “lightened up” the place, didn’t we?








[full_width] Furthermore,

When we decided to start renovating Cedar Lodge our main priority was to keep the authenticity and integrity of each of these historical cabins. Originally built to house the dam workers in the 1930’s, they offer guests a glimpse of real Texas history! The workers completed the dam in 1938, and it’s actually considered the longest multiple arch dam in the nation! Fast forward to present day: builders no longer use this design because the amount of labor it takes to complete is too costly. Pretty cool, huh?

Due to the fact that these cabins are almost 80 years old, simplicity was key here. Keeping the historic charm in mind, our only goal was that the renovations would make our guests feel more comfortable. We didn’t try to “modernize” these historic gems. We just wanted to make the cabins feel a bit homier. By simply updating the furnishings and bathrooms, it allows our guests a much more relaxed experience. We even added functional kitchenettes to make cooking delicious meals super convenient! Check out some more of these great Before and After shots!  [/full_width]


[full_width] Exterior of Reunion Cabin 35 [/full_width]



Exterior Before Renovation Pic Cabin 35




[full_width] We have put so much work into these cabins, to not only keep the integrity and historic charm but to make sure all of our guests experience that authentic “log cabin” feel during their stay. If you’re looking for modern 5-star hotel accommodations, you’re in the wrong place. We didn’t include TV and WiFi in the cabins because we want you to spend time enjoying the outdoors! Our vision for Cedar Lodge was a rustic, yet comfortable place, where you could escape from the busy city and enjoy the serenity of the Texas Hill Country.

As much as we love the lake, we understand some days you may not be feeling it. For that reason, we decided to add a pool to our property! Complete with an updated clubhouse, it offers a perfect and convenient place for all our guests to cool off. [/full_width]

[full_width]Here are some awesome Before/After photos of the
Pool and Club House Renovation  

Pool Installation Renovation
“Digging” In!


Pool Installation Renovation PIc
Looking good
After Renovation Pool Pic
Finished Product!


before pic renovation clubhouse


After Renovation Pool Table Clubhouse















[full_width] This is really just a sample of what we’ve been up to here at Cedar Lodge, I highly recommend coming down and seeing the place in person! The pictures just don’t do it justice. We haven’t finished all the renovations yet, but I can guarantee you this: Cedar Lodge Texas offers everyone a warm and comfortable place to get away, disconnect, and enjoy some uninterrupted quality time with the people that matter most to you.

Our mantra here at Cedar Lodge is: Kick back, relax, and enjoy the cabin life!
Won’t you join us?

Click HERE to book your stay!

Can’t wait to see you,
Gwen and Bryan Carpenter [/full_width]


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