Why You Should Visit Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill CountryAt Cedar Lodge, our love for Texas Hill Country is unmeasurable. With so much to do and see, it’s truly an uncommon place and one of a kind in the United States. Those who’ve been here already have an idea of why we enjoy this area so much.

However, we know there are some potential guests who might not know too much about Texas Hill Country. For those unacquainted, we feel it’s our duty to enlighten you. Because of our unofficial title as Ambassador of Texas Hill Country, we’ve came up with a list of reasons to come visit our neck of the woods.

Here’s why you should visit Texas Hill Country


If you haven’t had the chance to explore Texas Hill Country before, then you’re missing out on seeing some majestic creatures. Home to the iconic longhorns, these incredible animals are something you have to see in person. While you’re driving keeps your eyes peeled for possible armadillos on the road, as their hard shell is like hitting a boulder.


Sunsets on a lake are plenty good as it is. However, mix in Texas Hill Country along with Lake Buchanan and you have a sunset that pictures can’t do justice. This array of colors will leave you in awe and wishing it was so much longer. The memories that our guests have always harkens back to that beautiful lake sunset.

Floral Life

You’ve probably seen pictures in travel magazines of the beautiful blue bonnets that line the ground. Sprinkling all of Texas Hill Country and Cedar Lodge during the spring, making the visit just to see these flowers is worth a trip.


When you think of Texas food, BBQ should be the first thing you think of. With mouth watering ribs, brisket, sausage, and everything in between, filling up on Texan BBQ is a requirement. While big cities like Austin get a lot of credit, there are plenty of local BBQ spots around Texas Hill Country that can more than satisfy your hunger.

Picturesque Views

Just a few steps away from your cabin resides Lake Buchanan. The views of Texas Hill Country on this lake are enough just for one trip. However, we feel like you need to take in as much of the surrounding area as possible. With gorgeous state parks like Inks Lake and Colorado Bend just a short drive away, these are awesome day trips to fully absorb the wonder of our proud landscape.

So whether you’re here to sightsee, relax, or eat, Texas Hill Country will no doubt be a vacation you won’t want to leave!

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