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Why Company’s Plan Their Corporate Retreats In Texas at Cedar Lodge Texas

Do you have a big project to complete? Are you looking to strengthen your employees’ relationships? Or are you simply after some quality time outside of the office?

Whatever the reason for planning corporate retreats in Texas, the first step is choosing the ideal location. With so many company retreat locations in Texas, it’s essential that you choose a spot that caters to your needs and offers the appropriate amenities to make your vision a reality.

For companies that seek the perfect balance of work and play, Cedar Lodge Texas is a top choice. We have the ideal infrastructure, including a spacious meeting hall and beautiful lakeside cabins, to organize both a productive and exciting retreat.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of all the reason why your company will benefit from a retreat. Once you understand the advantages, we’ve listed the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and successful event. And finally, we’re sharing the top three reasons why Cedar Lodge Texas is the ideal place to host your next company retreat.

Why organize a company retreat?

It may seem like planning corporate retreats in Texas is simply an excuse to put off work and spend the company’s budget. However, there are certain advantages to a retreat that you can’t recreate in any other environment. Both valuable and constructive, these benefits will help advance your company from a mere office of disconnected individuals to a dynamic team.

1)    There are numerous benefits to team building

Team building is worth the time and effort. Companies who focus on their interpersonal relationships see several positive results.

First and foremost, team building fosters trust within a company. While working on projects outside of the office environment, employees are more likely to let their guards down and get to know one another on a deeper level. With this new degree of vulnerability, people feel comfortable asking questions, offering solutions, and helping co-workers. Trust fuels more creative conversation and productive team projects.

Team building also improves staff communication. When coworkers participate in nonwork-related tasks during corporate retreats in Texas, they’re exposed to a greater range of communication styles amongst their colleagues. From casual chats to work brainstorming, co-workers learn how to respect one another’s communication style, avoid misunderstandings, and engage in more productive conversation.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses is another positive result of team building. By opening your staff to a wide range of tasks, both work and leisure related, it becomes clear where certain people excel and where others have shortcomings. Upon identifying these characteristics, the team can work together to strengthen their weaknesses. More so, the team can assign future work tasks more effectively with a better understanding of everyone’s capabilities.

2)    Show appreciation for your staff

Business owners spend a lot of time and money finding the best staff for their companies. However, if these staff members don’t feel valued, they’re likely to find work elsewhere.

To increase employee retention and foster a positive work environment, it’s important to show appreciation. Organizing a corporate retreat in Texas is one of the best ways to do so.

The relaxing environment allows employees to laugh together, let loose, and enjoy each other’s company outside of the stress of an office. When coworkers feel happier as a team, they perform better with their work tasks.

How to plan the perfect company retreat

Now that you understand why businesses’ benefit from organizing corporate retreats in Texas, it’s time to get planning! Here are a few tips to help facilitate a successful event:

1)    Start the planning early

You’ve likely got a long list of goals for your company retreat, so it’s best to plan early to make sure all these goals are achieved.

Good questions to ask yourself as you begin the planning process: What is the focus of this event? What will make this retreat a positive experience? What kinds of conversations do you want your employees to have? Once you’ve created a rough outline, put the planning in motion. Decide on a location, create a schedule, and delegate tasks.

2)    Educate your staff on what to expect

Work with a side of play? Play with a side of work? All work, no play? No matter the combo, make sure you educate your staff on what kind of a retreat this is going to be.

If the staff enter the week with any misunderstanding, it could lead to frustration, bitterness, or unpreparedness. When certain days require more productive work, staff should come prepared with a good night’s sleep and some pre-work brainstorming. On the contrary, if certain days are set aside for fun, then the staff can stay out late and focus on enjoying time with their coworkers.

3)    Work hard, play hard

The best corporate retreats in Texas include a perfect balance of work and play.

This might be the only time during the year when employees hang out outside of work. Therefore, it’s critical that the environment supports unstructured social time and memorable activities. And because employees might feel uncomfortable initiating these social interactions, it’s great to give them activities to do—such as sports, games, and outdoor recreation.

At the same time, your company isn’t paying for a vacation without benefits for the corporation. The setting should provide the necessary infrastructure to hold business meetings, work sessions, and break out discussions. You want for your employees to return to the office feeling accomplished and inspired.

Perks of having your corporate retreat in Texas at Cedar Lodge

Of the many venues to host corporate retreats in Texas, what makes Cedar Lodge stands out from the rest? Based on these three attributes, you’ll see why we’re more than just an exceptional Texas vacation getaway.

1)    Close to major cities

The most suitable retreat locations will avoid airports, long commutes, or changing time zones. Fortunately, Cedar Lodge Texas is less than an hour and a half from Austin by car. For companies based in the city, Cedar Lodge is a convenient location—far enough away to feel like a retreat, but close enough to not be a hassle.

2)    Plenty of space

The property has 13 private cabins, two gathering halls, a clubhouse and multiple open spaces. The function of these rooms transfers seamlessly to the demands of a corporate retreat.

Our gathering halls, can seat between 40 and 110 people and both include a full kitchen, the Great Hall features two. There is ample space for business meetings, discussions, and presentations. Both include flat-screen TV’s, DVD, FREE Dish and WiFi to support your digital tasks, as well as free parking if there are any that will be traveling.

The Club House is ideal for small group sessions. It includes a TV, WiFi, Pool table, Foosball, Ping pong, and board games so it can function as both a small group breakout room and leisurely space.

The various open spaces around Cedar Lodge are perfect for small group breakout sessions as well. We have campfire rings and shaded picnic tables where coworkers can brainstorm, write or build projects.

In total, we can host 91 people in the private cabins and up to 150 between both Gathering Halls —meaning we have a capacity for companies with up to 241 employees. Or, for smaller teams, it’s easy to book private cabins next to each other and rent out just one of the Gathering Halls—ensuring your team stays close together and shares common spaces.

Besides the “work” side of the retreat, we also have plenty of spaces that are ideal for the “play” side. From jet skiing to fishing, paddle boarding to sunbathing, your employees are guaranteed to find an activity they love. And, offering more than just lake activities, Cedar Lodge is situated near numerous hiking and biking trails throughout the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

We are also located near a handful of cute Texas towns that boast exceptional dining options, antique shops, and vineyards. There’s no better way to end a long week of productive work than with a big glass of Texas wine.

3)    Peaceful setting

The best corporate retreats in Texas provide a setting where employees escape from the craziness of their office and can get tasks done uninterrupted. This type of peaceful oasis facilitates clear thinking and steady work.

At Cedar Lodge Texas, our guests are treated to the calm and tranquil environment of Lake Buchanan. Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, not a large city on the site, your employees can take advantage of the no-distractions environment.

More so, our beach is private, meaning your employees won’t be distracted by a slew of sunbathers, families, or screaming kids.

Don’t let the noise of a big city keep you from getting important work done! Choose the peaceful workspaces at Cedar Lodge.

How to reserve your corporate retreat at Cedar Lodge Texas?

We’re pleased you’ve chosen to host your next Texas corporate retreat here at Cedar Lodge! To reserve your spot, simply give us a call at (512) 793-2820, or fill out the Conference request form here.

We look forward to seeing you and the team soon!

Gwen & Bryan Carpenter

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