Romantic Getaway: Say “I Love You” in the Texas Hill Country

Image of couple walking through Texas Hill Country during their romantic getaway at the lake

Searching for the perfect spot for your next romantic getaway?

We know you’re going to fall in love with Cedar Lodge Texas,
located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Here’s everything you need to know to create the perfect romantic getaway with the one you love.

So, you’re realizing its Valentine’s Day and you have this overwhelming sense that your Valentine may not be as excited about the dinner reservations you made as you would like. Perhaps you and that special person have a birthday or anniversary coming up and you have no idea what you’re going to do.

Or maybe you’re realizing you don’t really have anything special planned yet, and are unsure of what to do for future occasions. You know, something the two of you deserve and have dreamed of as your perfect escape.

If you’re like many of our readers and travel explorers, you may be wondering if your couple’s celebrations have evolved past chocolates and a hand-written card. Once you’ve already expressed your thoughts on the traditional gifts, what’s left to really knock your beloved’s socks off?

We have an easy solution. Try the Texas Hill Country! It’s an ideal, serene spot for a romantic getaway you’ll both remember forever. There’s so much to do – or do nothing at all and sit lakeside with a glass of wine and some peaceful, romance-inducing scenery.

What’s even better is that many areas in the Texas Hill Country, like Cedar Lodge Texas, are within driving distance of some AMAZING cities that offer dining, museums, vibrant music and charm that speak directly to the heart.

Let’s get started on planning that romantic and memorable adventure you’ll both treasure, forever.

Why Choose the Texas Hill Country?

“Romantic getaway” is such a huge category and has so many possibilities. So why are we suggesting the Texas Hill Country, specifically Cedar Lodge, for your lake getaway?

Three things: scenery, alone time, and fun! This area, considered “the gateway to the American southwest,” is as beautiful as it is jam-packed with entertainment, wine, water activities and more.

Even better, when you want a little privacy, you have a cozy cabin and scenic view to enjoy – just the two of you.

Because you have so many options, your Texas Hill Country lake vacation can be tailored to your needs and hobbies. Get physical in a kayak or on a jet-ski; or sit beside the lake enjoying one of many offerings from the Hill Country’s more than 50 famous wineries.

You can be as relaxed or as active as you want – the options are wide-open and waiting for you.

Why Romantic Getaways at the Lake are a Couples Game-Changer

Anyone can get up and go for a weekend to a local spot. Likewise, there are always basic options that couples you know may have been to. Perhaps you’ve explored your own tried-and-true options by this point in your relationship. Now you’re both curious about trying something new.

What makes a Cedar Lodge Hill Country lakeside getaway so special is that it isn’t just a vacation. Indeed, couples say it can enhance a relationship in some very important ways.

Your private and peaceful lake getaway gives you that all-too-rare time where there are no distractions and few responsibilities. This means you have the time (and the quiet lodgings) to remember what it was that made you fall in love in the first place.

Then when you’re ready to get-up-and-go as a couple, there are so many options just waiting for you.

Our readers and avid travelers love Cedar Lodge’s locale because it offers so much, including…

  • A peaceful, serene environment so you can relax with the one you love most
  • Uninterrupted quality time together – you choose your activities, or just sit lakeside and enjoy the view
  • The perfect place to renew your relationship and encourage closeness
  • Dreamy, romantic lodgings – destinations like Cedar Lodge Texas on Lake Buchanan is a popular option for native Texas residents for a reason!
  • Activities when you want them…the choice is yours

Clearly, the top perks involve confirming your closeness as a couple in a place where you can choose how much you want to do. You can select as much quiet, uninterrupted time together as you’d like.

Without the distractions of day-to-day life, you’re free to really concentrate on one another – just like you did in the beginning. According to so many couples who have selected this romantic getaway option, it can be life-changing for you both.

The Texas Hill Country: A World Apart (Just for You)

If you’ve never been to the Texas Hill Country, you lovebirds are in for a treat!

The Texas Hill Country is sometimes called “the gateway to the American Southwest.” That’s because its geography and vegetation make it a dividing line, and truly unique.

Hill Country reaches from San Antonio to Austin. It is located on the famous Edwards Plateau. The area includes such natural wonders as lakes (of course!), fascinating caverns, waterfalls, and rolling expanses of vegetation.

It has emerged as the center of the Texas wine industry, boasting more than 50 famous vineyards.

What is There to Do in the Texas Hill Country?

Of course, you don’t just have to sit side-by-side gazing into each other’s eyes. (Though there’s really nothing wrong with a good dose of that!)

When you want to explore this idyllic locale, here are a few things you can try:

    1. Local Wineries

The Texas Hill Country is famous for its wineries. In fact, it boasts more than 50!

We’re fortunate to have two of the best located within minutes of Cedar Lodge’s lake cabin rentals. People from across the nation flock to this locale every year to discover amazing wines and lush vineyards. Be sure to take a bottle or two back to your cabin so you can sip some vino lakeside later.

Most tours will include wine tasting, which is a romantic activity all by itself. Cedar Lodge Texas recently partnered with Torr Na Lochs, a nearby vineyard, and are offering tasting discounts exclusively for our resort guests. Check out this list of famous Hill country wineries, here. Explore them all and choose your favorites!

    2. Water Activities Galore

You’re near the water, so the answer to those down days when you’re looking for action is obvious. Go for some big water fun!

Texas Hill Country Lakes, like Lake Buchanan, are spacious, with gorgeous surroundings (such as trees and waterfalls) and offer plenty of fun at your fingertips.

Try any of these:

  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Water-skiing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Jet skiing
  • Fishing (yes, this can be a couples’ activity – try it!)

    3. Taking it All In: Lake Cruise Tours

If you’d like to kick back but still want to discover all the amazing amenities of your romantic lake getaway, try a lake cruise tour.

A lake cruise tour can be relaxing but informative at the same time. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn, including the fascinating history of the area.

Be sure to bring your phone or a camera – you’ll be seeing some beautiful sights you just won’t get anywhere else.

    4. Stepping Out: Activities Beyond the Lake

Wandering beyond the lake, you’ll find loads of ways to dig in and truly enjoy the Texas Hill Country during your romantic getaway.

Get physical together with the following:

  • Take a zip lining class – these are one of the most popular activities among our readers!
  • Rent a vehicle and go off-roading
  • Take a walking tour (choose your activity level; these range from a mile or under to more advanced trekking)
  • Explore local towns alone or with other couples as a tour (We recommend our guests check out the nearby antique shops for some local historic finds you can’t get at a department store.)
  • Go hiking near Cedar Lodge’s cabins or farther afield; let us know if you need any recommendations!

    5. Day Tripping and Night Life: Check Us Out

There are wonderful nearby cities local to our Hill Country Lake Resort. The history of these towns is amazing, and visitors have access to nearby shopping, antique hunting, dining and more!

Llano – Llano is located on the bubbling and active Llano River. Enjoy world-class barbecue or Mexican cuisine, as well as a variety of other flavors including Chinese and traditional Texan. Shop amid historic buildings, visit art galleries, relax in beautiful parks or catch a show.

Burnet – Where our cabins are located – has a Historic Town Square that includes buildings from as far back as the mid-1800s. Shop antiques, grab a bite of fabulous cuisine or play golf in historic surroundings. Enjoy quiet time all afternoon in our friendly, people-pleasing city.

Because the Texas Hill Country area is a vacation super-hot spot, you’ll find plenty to do both day and night. Choose your fun and remember to take loads of pics to commemorate your romantic getaway together.

Selecting the Perfect Lodgings – Why Cedar Lodge Lake Cabin Rentals

Sold on a Hill Country romantic lake getaway? We thought so! Now you’ll need to find lodging that’s comfortable, cozy and local to what you want to do. You’re in luck! Cedar Lodge Texas provides our guests all the above.

Here are our best lodging tips for your vacation:

  • You’ve selected this option or the romance factor, so make sure you choose a cuddly, comfortable place to put your feet up at night. Lakeside vacations naturally lean toward cabins, but today’s cabin stay is kicked up a notch with modern amenities. Cedar Lodge’s cozy lake cabins offer the perfect combination of rustic and modern that’s perfect for all our guests.
  • Ask about seasonal specials. Depending upon the time of year and how close your time frame is to a holiday, you may be able to arrange a rate that’s even better than you expected. Cedar Lodge Texas is open 365 days a year and offers seasonal rates and discounts for our FACEBOOK MESSENGER and EMAIL subscribers; so be sure you’re signed up for BOTH to receive all the updates, discounts, and promotions we run year-round!
  • True romantics-at-heart will want lodging close to the lake or snuggled in an otherwise beautiful locale. Scenery and ambiance are PRIMARY reasons Texas Hill Country lake getaways are so popular, which is why so many people have chosen Cedar Lodge Lake Cabin Rentals.
  • If you have physical needs or special considerations, let us know! We’d love to be able to accommodate guests in any way possible.

Making the Moment Extra-Special

With all these romantic and thrilling options, how can you make your romantic getaway even more special?

With champagne, chocolates, and flowers, of course!

As much as you’re going to love sightseeing and the plethora of on-site and nearby activities, we know you’ll also want some alone time. Luckily, Cedar Lodge’s cabin rentals for two are known for their romance factor.

Add our Romance Package during your stay! We will set up your cabin to include flowers on the bed when you arrive, delicious chocolates, and a wonderful wine or champagne bottle to toast the two of you.

NOTE: These accommodations do involve an additional fee. Ask ahead of time. Some combination add-ons may have a reduced cost. It never hurts to ask – after all, we know you’re romantic, but saving some cash now may mean you can plan the next getaway all the sooner!

You’re All Set! What’s Next?

If you’re trying to plan a romantic getaway for that special someone, we guarantee planning a Texas lake getaway will surely impress that someone special. With such a wide array of options, we know you and your partner are going to enjoy your romantic Hill Country lake adventure here at Cedar Lodge. Now, what are the next steps? BOOK IT, of course! Cedar Lodge accepts reservations up to one year in advance, which means you can book early and save yourself the hassle of trying to plan something special last minute.

We hope these tips and suggestions have been of help to you, and if you have any comments or questions, please contact us! It would be our pleasure to provide you with as much information as you need. We look forward to hosting your romantic getaway at Cedar Lodge Texas Hill Country Resort. Enjoy!

Gwen and Bryan Carpenter

 Image of our private sandy beach and fishing pier at Cedar Lodge. Our Hill Country Resort has the best cabin rentals in Texas and family friendly lake cabins in Texas. Best places for family reunions are here at Cedar Lodge.


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