Why You Should Visit Cedar Lodge

activities-2While we know people love Texas Hill Country, we’re not entirely sure people know enough about Cedar Lodge. Located in the very heart of beautiful Texas Hill Country, our property is made for enjoyment, activities, or simple relaxation. In case you’re unfamiliar with with our little waterfront oasis, we’ve created a list of reasons you should visit Cedar Lodge.

Even though we might miss a couple of reasons, it’s a start to keep you motivated and excited to visit. Buchanan Dam has it charms, and we hope that you come find out for yourself.

Here are some reasons to visit Cedar Lodge

Lake Buchanan

What makes being in Texas Hill Country even better? Being situated right next to beautiful Lake Buchanan. Mere steps away from the shore, Cedar Lodge is the perfect getaway for people craving lake life.

We offer a variety of ways to enjoy the lake as well. If you’re into fishing, we work with a local fishing tour company to set you up for a day of casting and reeling in big fish. If boating is more your style we have a great relationship with the local boat rental company. You can pick your poison with riding fast in jet skis or coasting the waters in a pontoon boat.

Maybe you prefer non motorized forms of lake transportation. Kayaks are also a viable option to spend time in the calm waters. If none of those sound appealing, simply walk out into the lake and enjoy it on your own water legs.

Outdoor Activities

Perhaps you don’t want to get wet, or maybe the water is too cold for your liking. No worries, if you plan to visit Cedar Lodge we never want to limit your time spent outside. After all, Texas Hill Country is an area best spent under the sun.

On property, almost any type of game that involves a ball we have. From basketball to volleyball to tetherball, your kids will never run out of options. Enjoy a friendly competition of horseshoes and create a family reunion tournament to determine who reigns supreme.

If you have the urge to venture outside of the Cedar Lodge property, we promise not to be offended. In fact, we love showing guests places to visit and things to see. With beautiful state parks like Ink Lake, and awesome caves like Longhorn Cavern, your days will be spent with plenty of adventure.


Cabin life is one of our personal favorite reasons to visit Cedar Lodge. We know we’ve been preaching about spending time outdoors, but we realize you can’t stay active for 24 hours straight. That’s why we built our rustic and comfy handbuilt cedar cabins.

We feel like a great night spent inside of our cabins allows you to enjoy a more simple form of vacationing. Constantly working to accommodate your needs, we’ll make sure our cabins fit each individual needs.

So we encourage you to visit Cedar Lodge, we guarantee that you’ll leave wanting to come back as soon as you can!

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